Special product
XL tube with 80 tulips in 8 varieties
Nice quality plant scoop. Comes in eco-packaging and 30 solid tulips.
Flower bulb packet Bravissimo – 100 robust garden tulips
€22.09 ex. VAT and shipment
Small tube with 10 flower bulbs
Goud's kaasje in custom wrap


Solid quality luxury carrier boxes wit full-color label. Even the contents of these boxes you can decide for yourself! Tulips in the colours of your logo? No problem, we send the gifts worldwide and organise export certificates for countries that ask for them. Ask for an account and download our design instructions. When ordering through our website you can easily upload your design.

Name Medium carrier boxes 716
Size 8 x 7 x 12cm
Delivery time 10 working day's
Material Cardboard
Kind of print FC label

Medium carrier boxes

Articlenumber 716

Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

€5.79 ex. VAT and shipment
Medium carrier boxes with custom design label

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€5.79 ex. VAT and shipment