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Syrup waffels in own customized package
Linen bags with various kinds of flower bulbs and fc-label
Wooden box full of flower bulbs
€18.42 ex. VAT and shipment
Durable black or ecru colored linen bags with Rembrandt tulips
Large tube with 50 flower bulbs
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Nice tube with metal caps and 5 tulips packed in glassine pouch. We pack a delicious soap to after planting the bulbs to wash your hands.

Name Tube small with tulipsoap 754
Package contents 5 tulip bulbs, box with tulipsoap, card, foldbackclip
Size ø12,5x8cm
Kind of print FC digitaal
Availability August-December
Delivery time 10 working days
Material Karton + Tin
Flowering time Spring
Plant time Autumn

Tube small with tulipsoap

Article number 754

Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

€11.96 ex. VAT and shipment
Tulip soap with flower bulbs.
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