Special product
Handpainted Delfts Blue tile
Hollandse tulpenbollen in Hollands veilingkrat
Package with Dutch coffee table products
small durable boxes with easter eggs chocolate
Small tube with 10 flower bulbs
Orange tulips tray with 20 orange tulip bulbs


black or ecru linen bags filled with candy of your choice and full-color card

Name linen bags with candy 725-S
Size 10x15cm
Availability year around
Delivery time 10 working days
Material Linen
Kind of print FC label
Package contents various kinds of sweets

linen bags with candy

Article number 725-S

Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

€4.58 ex. VAT and shipment
nice linen bags with candy of your choice

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€4.58 ex. VAT and shipment