Special product
Extra large tube with 100 flower bulbs
€28.50 ex. VAT and shipment
Linen bags with various kinds of flower bulbs and fc-label
€3.96 ex. VAT and shipment
Goud's kaasje in custom wrap als kerstgeschenk
Gouda cheese with tulip bulbs and mini-lights 'wooden shoes'
Medium carrier boxes with custom design label
directmail doosje small

Brievenbusdoosje Small

Brievenbusdoosje Small
Schuifdoosje directmail

Schuifdoosje direct mail

Schuifdoosje voor de brievenbus
Mini bollendoosje

Flower tube for the post box

Flower tube for the post box
Delfts Blauwe tegel in direct mail doosje

Delft Blue Tile

Delft Blue tile in direct mail box
blikje directmail

Rond verzendblikje

Blikje voor direct-mail acties