Special product
Leuke koperen plantensproeier met diverse keukenkruidzaadjes
Gondola boxes with Rembrandt design
Linen bags with various kinds of flower bulbs and fc-label
Amaryllis with wax layer containing your logo

Here you will find all kinds of small and larger gifts with original Dutch sweets as contents. All gifts can be personalized from 50 pieces with your own fc label or bandarole.


hollandse snoepjes

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Gevelhuisjes met snoep

Dutch canalhouses with sweets

Dutch canalhouses with original Dutch sweets
Rembrandt huisjes met oud-Hollandse snoepjes

Rembrandt house with sweets

small square box as a replica of the Rembrandt House, from 100 pieces with its own FC label
mini boxes with candy

mini boxes with candy

small square boxes with candy
Gondeldoosjes met snoep en eigen wikkel

Gondola boxes with candy

white gondola boxe with candy
kraft mini doosje snoepjes

Kraft box with candy

Natural look mini box with various types of candy of your choice
Linnen zakje XS met snoep

Linen bag XS with candy

Linnen zakjes met snoepjes
kraft doosje snoepjes

Kraft box mini sweets

Nature look mini box with various types of candy of your choice
Mini bollendoosje

Small carrier boxes with candy

Smakl carrier boxes with custom design label
Linnen zakjes met snoep

linen bags with candy

nice linen bags with candy of your choice
Melkbusje met bloembollen of zaad

Mini tin with sweets

Mini tin with sweets
Hollands grachten straatje

Dutch canal house box

Dutch canal house box
Kubusdoosjes met snoepjes

Cube box with Dutch sweets

Cube box in various colors with variable content
draagdoosje met variabele snoep inhoud

Bonbon carrier box

old-Dutch sweets of your choice in a nice carrying box
Grachtenhuisje sleutelhanger in gouden doosje

Mini golden box with sweets

Small golden boxes with various kinds of sweets as content
Melkbusje met bloembollen of zaad

Fabergé Eggs with Dutch sweets

Fabergé Eggs with small Dutch sweets
container geschenk tulpen

mini container with sweets

Small container with sweets
Snoepdoosjes met bloembollen

Toffee boxes with sweets

Candy boxes with various content
koker XL delftblauw

Gift-tube small with candy

Small tube with sweets
Oil-tin with sweets

Oil-tin with sweets

Litlle oil-tin money box with sweets
Gouden doosjes met snoepjes

Golden boxes with candies

Golden box with Dutch sweets
Melkbusje met bloembollen of zaad

Milk churn as money box

Milk churn as money box with flower bulbs or flowerseeds
Ambachtelijke Hollandse snoepstokken verpakt in linnen zak met eigen label

Dutch candy sticks

Dutch candy sticks
Stroopwafels met eigen wikkel

Syrup waffels in own customized package

Syrup waffels in own customized package
Van Vliet's stroopwafels met waxine-lichte Grachtenpand

Sirup waffle package

Sirup waffle package with canalhouse-light