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Linnen zakjes met snoepjes
Syrup waffels in own customized package
Flower bulb package Maria Montessori.
€50.50 ex. VAT and shipment
Tube with postal design and 3 Amaryllis
Transparant bags with flower bulbs


No less than 85 spring flowers packed in this fresh-looking box. These boxes can be shipped worldwide to your relations. Did you know that tulips for the U.S.A. etc. have to be approved and that the American Inspection Services visit our flower bulb company on a weekly basis?

Name Flower bulb packet Exclusiva 970
Package contents 70 garden tulips
Size 18 x 14 x 20 cm
Kind of print FC offset
Availability August-December
Delivery time from 1. september
Material Cardboard
Flowering time Spring
Plant time Autumn

Flower bulb packet Exclusiva

Article number 970

Availability: In stock
€21.55 ex. VAT and shipment

Availability: In stock

€21.55 ex. VAT and shipment
Flower bulb packet Exclusiva – 70 tulips for in the garden
€21.55 ex. VAT and shipment