Special product
small square box as a replica of the Rembrandt House, from 100 pieces with its own FC label
Sirup waffle package with canalhouse-light
Paper cones with premium quality flower bulbs and various designs
Slakkenval met 20 tulpenbollen
Rembrandt linen bag with 25 rembrandt-tulips
Dutch canalhouses with original Dutch sweets


Great and varied flower bulb packet with 8 different spring bloomers. Each packet is delivered with a plant description in different languages. Also we can put a personal greeting in each packet. We have some wonderful cards for this purpose or we can design one together.

Name Flower bulb packet Fortissimo 907
Package contents 85 mixed spring bloomers
Size 18 x 18 x 15 cm
Kind of print FC offset
Availability August-December
Delivery time 5 working day's
Flowering time Spring
Plant time Autumn

Flower bulb packet Fortissimo

Article number 907

Availability: In stock
€23.34 ex. VAT and shipment

Availability: In stock

€23.34 ex. VAT and shipment
Flower bulb packet with 85 spring bloomers
€23.34 ex. VAT and shipment

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