Special product
Extra large tube with 100 flower bulbs
€27.54 ex. VAT and shipment
Gouden doosje met speciale tulpen
Kraft Present box medium with flower bulbs
Tube with postal design and 3 Amaryllis
Candy boxes with various content
Houten vogelhuisje met tulpenbollen
Flower bulb packet Black and White
€15.29 ex. VAT and shipment


Kraft kartonnen kubusdoosjes met amaryllis gewrapt in vloeipapier en eigen ontwerp label

Name Kraft cube box Christmas 617
Size 11 x 11 x 11cm
Availability August-December
Delivery time 10 working days
Material Cardboard
Kind of print FC label
Package contents tissue paper, amaryllis, label and Brown cube box.

Kraft cube box Christmas

Articlenumber 617

Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

€9.39 ex. VAT and shipment
Kraft cube box Christmas

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€9.39 ex. VAT and shipment