Special product
Linen bags with various kinds of flower bulbs and fc-label
Milk churn as money box with flower bulbs or flowerseeds
100 tulip bulbs packed in brown paperbag and metal basket
small durable boxes with easter eggs chocolate
Extra large tube with 100 flower bulbs
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Decorative waterproof vase that slides over a glass jar. We supply a glass bottle with straw along with a peat tablet and wild flower mix seeds. The linen Pouch you can personalize with your own design card.

Name Papervase XL 407
Size ø12,5 x 38cm
Availability year around
Delivery time 10 werkdagen
Material Cardboard
Kind of print FC offset
Package contents 1 seed bag wildflowers, glass bottle with straw, papervase, peat tablet and linen bag

Papervase XL

Article number 407

Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

€24.87 ex. VAT and shipment
Paper vase with glass bottle and wild flower mix.