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Amaryllis in golden box for Christmas
Orange tulips tray with 20 orange tulip bulbs
Square zinc tin with flower bulbs or sunflowerseeds.
Round tin with glossy label
Linen bags with various kinds of flower bulbs and fc-label
Paper brown bag with amaryllis as a Christmas gift. From 50 pieces with your own corporate label


Original orange shoe box with different Dutch stationery such as a Crown-pencil, tulips memo booklet, gum and stickers with Delft blue.

Name Shoe box Dutch 253
Size 18 x 8 x 28cm
Availability year around
Delivery time 10 working days
Material Cardboard
Kind of print FC label
Package contents 1 pencil Crown, Tulip memo booklet, 1 sticker sheet, 1 Delft blue notebook, 2 foldbackclips

Shoe box Dutch

Article number 253

Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

€21.46 ex. VAT and shipment
Package with Dutch stationery

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€21.46 ex. VAT and shipment